Solar Powered Remote Controlled Blinds

The ideal solution for hard to reach blinds, velux roof lights, or for where it is difficult or expensive to get mains power to your windows. Impact Interiors now supply remote control solar powered window blinds.

The solar charging unit uses free sunlight to trickle charge the power unit, so your blinds will be ready to operate whenever you need them.

These units are ideal for high windows, roof lights, velux windows and other hard to access windows.

The wireless remote control unit is easy to operate and the blinds are high quality to give you many years of trouble free use.

Solar Blinds

Ease of use and practicality is an important part of the Impact Interiors offering. Getting a power supply to each window is an expensive and time consuming process, and now is completely unnecessary due to solar power!

Solar Blinds harness natural sunlight to keep the power units for your blinds topped up and ready for use.

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Window blinds are ideally suited for solar power as they tend to only be used a few times per day. The natural daylight in the UK is more than sufficient even on the cloudiest day to harvest enough energy to operate your blinds.

Without the need to run a mains cable to your windows, installation is easier and of course much cheaper, so you get stylish, motorised window blinds without the construction costs or channeling out your walls to run mains power cables.

Find out how wireless solar powered blinds will transform your home and book an appointment to either visit their showroom or to have Nina visit you and demonstrate solar powered blinds for you.